1943 Dodge Command car     wc 56

Built in Detroit MI, this trucks served as Field Staff cars to many of the General Officers during WWII. Many of these trucks served with Allied countries till the 1990's

Easy to maintain, Straight 6 engine, some countries under license agreements produced their own trucks.

1987 Oshkosh MK48/14 LVS

Developed in the early 1980's these trucks were used by the US Marines for a variety of uses, nick named the Dragon Wagon after the WWII Tank Hauler.

Delivered in 1985, these trucks served in over 6 different variants. Powered by a 450 hp Detroit Diesel 6V92 turbocharged engine.

These trucks formed the backbone of Marine Logistics through out fleet service.

Owned by David and Mary Percel.

1971 AM General M54A2 5 Ton Cargo Truckwith Winch.

Used as Troop Carrier / Cargo truck

Powered by Continental LDS-465 Multi fuel engine, Spicer 5 speed transmission, 2 speed transfercase and Timken axles.

20,000 lbs Garwood front mount winch.


5 Ton hmtt

The 5 Ton HMTT"Concept Test Rig" was engineered, designed and built at TARADCOM, Warren MI. This program was initiated in response to a outstanding need expressed in the Wheels Study. This vehicle was a Prime Candidate to satisfy the 5 Ton requirement for the US Armed Forces, circa 1978.

1941 White M2 Halftrack

Phil Hagan is the proud owner of this halftrack, first ordered in 1940, they served in the Far East to the Deserts of North Africa, Italy and Europe.Used in various forms this was one of vehicles the US Army used to mechanize it's forces in 1941. Armed with the H2 Heavy Machine Gun. You may see this vehicle in our Armor display row.

1971 M 818 5-10 ton tractor

The work horse of the US military forces from 1970's thur the gulf war. Beautifully restored truck is not a teaching tool for the museum on truck driving.

1983 Oshkosh M 985 HEMTT Cargo Truck

Heavy Expanded mobility Tractical Truck is in the US Army family of 8x8 Heavy Mobility Trucks, Used in rapid deployment, these trucks because of their profile, could fit in most USAF's cargo aircraft.

Powered by a Detroit diesel 8V92 engine.

Variants of this truck performed a number of mission roles, still in service today. Over 15,000 built.

Owned by David and Mary Percel.